Developed energy infrastructure. Total power generating facilities 7016 MW. The Sayan-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station (HPP) is the most powerful station in Russia and one of the most powerful in the world.
The dominant branches are metallurgy and the fuel and energy complex. The largest enterprises of RUSAL operate in Khakassia.
In 2012 on development of agroindustrial complex of the region was allocated more than 1 billion roubles of budgetary funds.
The part of mineral reserves of the Republic of Khakassia in the total balance reserves of the Russian Federation is: barite - 27%, molybdenum -11%, bentonites - 6,5%, facing stones - 13%, coal - 3%, iron ore-1%.
The unique natural, historical and ethnographic objects of Khakassia contribute to the development of different tourism activities.
The Khakas land annually conducts the international forum "Historical and cultural heritage as a resource for social and cultural development of the region.”
Khakassia has a developed transport infrastructure: Railways (Abakan - Taishet, Abakan - Achinsk, Abakan - Novokuznetsk), airport "Abakan" of the international importance, the Federal highway( M-54), regional highway (A-161).

Priority investment projects

Abakan-Chernogorsk agglomeration
Integrated inter-municipal investment project aimed at increasing competitiveness of the region, the concentration of production, formation of clusters, optimization of the labour market.

Implementation period: 2013-2020
Construction of residential district «Novoobraztsovo»
The building of a new settlement of urban type with housing in the Ust-Abakan district of Khakassia, secured by the engineering infrastructure objects of social and cultural service.
Implementation period: 2012-2020
Project value: 9 370 million rubles
The development of the airport complex, Abakan
The creation of a transport interchange hub, runway reconstruction with replacement of lighting equipment, reconstruction of air terminal building, expanding the geography of flights of the Republic.
Implementation period: 2012-2018
Project value: 5 429 million rubles
The area of business activity "Abakan city"
The construction of a complex of buildings: business center, hotel, shopping and entertainment center. A project of national scale in the field of business tourism development and increase in business activity.

Implementation period: 2012-2017
Project value: 5 000 million rubles
The industrial Park "Chernogorskiy"
The creation and development of production enterprises in order to increase the gross regional product of the Republic of Khakassia and industrial development of Abakan-Chernogorsk agglomeration.

Implementation period: 2012-2022
Project value: 3 169,7 million rubles
Organization of production of building elements
Modernization of production capacities of the enterprise, organization of the technological line for the production of modern elements of large-panel house-building with the annual capacity up to 100 thousand m2 per year.
Implementation period: 2012-2018
The cost of the project: 1 070 million rubles
The agro-industrial Park “Altai”
The creation of infrastructure ensuring the development of production, processing and sales of agricultural products, food raw materials and food in the territory of the Altai district.

Implementation period: 2013-2020
Project value: 971,6 million rubles
Askizsky industrial Park
Creation and development of two specialized areas: "Industrial" and "Development" in order to create enterprises of industrial and agricultural production, and infrastructure.
Implementation period: 2014-2020
Project cost: 903,63 million rubles
Recreational area "Ivanovskiye lakes"
The building of a modern, large mountain ski complex in the Ordjenikidze district, which includes a hotel, cafe, rental agency, car Park and building of engineering infrastructure.

Implementation period: 2014-2018
Project value: 1010 million rubles
Sports training center “Vershina Tei"
The creation of a modern, year-round sports and travel center, located in the Askiz district for preparation of sports national teams in different sports.

Implementation period: 2011-2020
Project value: 1 124 million rubles

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